Winter Pool Covers

Why Use a Winter Pool Cover?

winter-pool-coverA winter cover will keep leaves, dirt, debris and wildlife out of the pool during the time the pool is out of use.

The visible surface of the cover is blue and it has a black underside. This serves to exclude light from the pool - light is vital for algae to grow and without it algae cannot proliferate.

The fabric of our winter covers is extraordinarily strong and it is hemmed all round, with brass eyelets every 50cm. The cover is fixed to toe-friendly, stainless-steel anchors (drilled into the pool-surround) with heavy-duty elastic bungee straps. Our covers completely cover the pool.

Winter Covers do not need a roller but removal and replacement is a physical, time-consuming job; therefore they are put on at the end of the season and left in situ until spring.

Our Winter Covers are guaranteed for 5 years but, if cared for in the way that we teach during our Installation, the cover will probably last twice as long.

This is how we make a Winter Cover.

We visit your pool and measure the cover. We make drawings and/or templates as appropriate and write out a Quotation for the work.

When the client has seen our Quotation, and if we are awarded the work, we ask for a 50% deposit (as we will make a cover to exactly fit that pool). The deposit can be by Internet Transfer, by Cheque or in cash.

We then make the cover in the factory. Each cover has a mesh strainer/drainage panel welded into the centre to prevent rain pooling on the fabric.

We then return to the pool, by appointment, and install the cover. We teach the client (or his/her Pool Guy) how to deploy and retrieve the cover and how to prepare it for storage in the springtime.

We then give the client the Invoice and take the balance in cash.

Mail-Order Winter Covers

We also make our winter covers to supply by mail-order. We use the measurements as supplied by the client, and supply all fittings and installation instructions.

In order to make a mail-order cover we need to know the size of the water surface and the width of the pool-surround. A photograph of the pool is also very useful. Please make initial enquiries by email.

Please note that it is NOT A SAFETY COVER.

A child or dog can walk across the cover but this is not recommended.

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Important Information

We only give Quotations. A Quotation is a fixed price, and cannot be altered. We do not offer to give 'Estimates'; an 'Estimate' gives no guarantee of final price. PoolSchool and its predecessor Deep Blue Pools is proud to have never charged more than our quoted price for works undertaken and we never will.

We offer free advice on pools-related problems.

We supply all your pool equipment and consumables at list price - and we deliver.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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