Number One Clarifier In The USA!

This is the only clarifier that works with the natural power of chitosan. That's why we can guarantee it to work better than all others!

Its special environmentally-friendly chemistry removes more organic material than any other clarifier and extends the life of your filter. You'll also minimize consumption of more costly chemicals.

  • Clarifies brilliantly
  • Removes oil, soap, metals, cosmetics & other particulates.
  • Prevents stains, scum & foam.
  • Compatible with ALL sanitizing systems.
  • Environmentally-safe, nontoxic, biodegradable.
  • Best of all the dosage is 100ml to 50,000 litres so 1 litre will dose a big pool 10 times.

Uses and Benefits of SeaKlear. Natural Clarifier

Clarifies Cloudy Water

SeaKlear Natural Clarifier got its name because it was originally used by the U.S. Navy to clear seawater for underwater photography. Environmentally safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier contains a natural ingredient, chitosan, which attracts the organic debris that causes cloudiness in pool, spa and hot tub water. A floc or mass of organic material is formed and carried to the filter, where it is more easily removed. Easy-to-use, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier is an excellent clarifier. Each week, treat your water with SeaKlear Natural Clarifier specially formulated for pools or spas/hot tubs to improve water quality and clarity.

Removes Excess Oil

Unlike synthetic, petroleum-based clarifiers, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier actually removes oils from the water. This unique, patented technology works with any pool, spa or hot tub system. Oils can be introduced when sunscreens, lotions and cosmetics are left behind in the water.

SeaKlear Natural Clarifier works to encapsulate the oil molecules and holds them in suspension so the oil doesn't stick to pool and spa surfaces or filters. When filters are cleaned, the oil is removed in the effluent. The filter stays cleaner and lasts longer.

Removes Stain-Causing Metals

The unique molecular shape and electrical charge of SeaKlear Natural Clarifier allow it to entrap and aggregate heavy metal particles, including manganese, copper and iron, which have come out of solution.


SeaKlear Natural Clarifier does not interfere with metal ions from ionizers and mineral-based purifiers. In fact, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier enhances these systems by removing the non-essential, stain-causing metals. One gallon of SeaKlear Natural Clarifier formulated for pools removes 1 part per million (ppm) of stain-causing metal in 20,000 gallons of water. Used on a regular basis at a rate of 4 ounces per 20,000 gallons, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier will help to keep metals in check.

Improves Filtration because the SeaKlear Natural Clarifier polymer is a "loose net molecule," it actually forms a subsurface over filters that helps remove organic debris and hold it above the filter media. Filters stay cleaner and work more efficiently.

A Natural Compatible Formula, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier is compatible with all sanitizing systems, including ozone, ionization and biguanide, and either bromine or chlorine systems. The main ingredient in SeaKlear Natural Clarifier is chitosan, a safe nontoxic fiber similar to cellulose that grabs suspended particles and removes them from the water.


See the Sea-Klear website here for FAQs, instructions for use, Testimonials, and more.

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