Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams


Hi my name is Andrew Williams, owner of Poolschool - formerly Deep Blue Pools.



We are looking forward to the next few months. We are opening our new store in Coin for the new year, it is a great location, right in the middle of Malaga and the coast. We will keep you updated with the opening date and other news. 


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Super Chlorination

Storms and super chlorination.

 Its advisable to super chlorinate after storms like those we have had this week.

You should add 2 litres of liquid chlorine to every 50m3 of of pool water Via the skimmer.

Liquid chlorine has a PH value of around 11.6 so this amount of chlorine will alter the water balance and the PH will rise. To counteract this add 1 litre of liquid acid at the jets with the pump running. Let the pump run for 4 hours. 

Check the PH and and adjust as applicable after 24 hours have passed.

Time to open your pool.


Well the time is upon us to get the pool up and running. If you have winterised you pool, all you need do is Superchlorinate to strip out the winteriser and you are ready to go. 

If this is your first season of pool ownership there is lots of information and articles to print and keep available on our website -

or take our PoolSchool course - and learn about your pool - then take care of it yourself.  If you are going to try to take care of your pool yourself without taking the PoolSchool, give yourself a fighting chance of getting it right and buy the PoolSchool, book. It cost 15 euro and will save you a fortune over the life of your pool.


Perfect Pools Seasonal Tasks

Its now time to get your pool open.You'll find some information to help you here: -

If you've let the pool go green over winter you may well have a problem with limescale on the tiles and, more importantly, on the sand in your filter.

Feel the tiles below the waterline with your fingers. If they feel anything other than glass-smooth you probably have limescale and this must be removed by acid-washing or you'll find it all but impossible to keep the pool clean this summer.  Acid-washing is not a job for the faint-hearted and should not be attempted without breathing apparatus. We can carry out this work for you - see our webpage for details and then call us for a Quotation.  Price depends on the amount of limescale to be removed and the size of your pool.

Remember also, a pool cover will give you a warm pool approx 4-6 weeks earlier in the season than your jealous neighbours with their uncovered pool - and about the same extra 4-6 weeks of warm-enough to-swim water at the end of the summer.  All in all poolcover is a very good investment and we have extended our offer of 10% discount on Daisy covers and 50% discount on AstralPools rollers.


Special Offers - April

10% discount on Daisy Pool Blankets - see

AstralPool 4.5 to 5.5 metre telescopic, wheeled pool-cover roller - List Price €788.00 - our price €399.00

Pool Heating - Still big discounts on pool heat-pumps

9.5Kw single phase ultra-soft-start for campo properties       €3655

12Kw single phase for pools up to 40 cubic metres                €2640

16Kw single phase for pools up to 60 cubic metres               €3485

30Kw 3-phase for pools up to 100 cubic metres                  €6490

All the above heat-pumps are air-to-water, low energy devices. e.g. Pay 1 Euro for electricity and get up to 6 Euros of heat in the pool - then keep it there with a Daisy Pool Blanket.

Salt water systems

We are offering salt water systems from TEAP and Astral. They are supplied and fitted with an automatic dosing pump which tests the PH  and adds chemicals to adjust accordingly This allows you to swim in silky smooth water. Read More from our website..;view=item&layout=item&id=22&Itemid=282


Spring Is Here!

Spring has arrived and about time too!

This is an excellent time of year to take the PoolSchool course; so that you are all geared up for the maintenance of your pool for Spring, the Summer and all-year-round. Maintaining your own pool can save you lots of money over a year, and you'll have a cleaner pool.

For one month only we are reducing PoolSchool to just €130. Now you can learn to take care of your own pool, and make huge savings on maintenance costs, for less.

PoolSchool is a half-day course taught at your own pool-side, on your own equipment. It leaves you thoroughly familiar with every aspect of your own pool - and how to take care of it to a professional standard - and also includes the PoolSchool Book of Pool Maintenance, the PoolSchool Logbook and a switch-by-switch, valve-by-valve laminated set of instructions for carrying out all the basic operations of pool cleaning.

We expect demand to be high for this offer, and it's only on for March, so get in early!

Read all about it here:

Just a reminder that our office is open 9.30 until 2 Monday to Friday, if you need to visit us outside of these hours just give us a call to let us know you are coming.

We are always available by phone and email outside of our office hours.

Perfect Pools Seasonal Tasks - Spring

10 Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

  • Not checking your pool's chemistry often enough. Check the pool's chemistry a minimum of twice per week in the summer and once per week in the winter. By doing this you can make minor adjustments to your water chemistry instead of big adjustments that create a wild up and down graph of activity. Be sure to keep a Logbook to record your readings.
  • Allowing the pH to get too high. At a ph of 8.5, chlorine is only 10% active. By just maintaining pH around 7.4 the chlorine is 65% active. Keeping the pH in check will allow you to use to the full potential the chlorine that is already in the pool. Additionally, high pH means that you run the risk of lime-scale on the walls and a rock-solid sand-filter!
  • Not running pumps long enough. You should run your pump 4 hours in every 12. This assumes you have a decent circulation system. It is ALL about the FLOW! Circulation IS the key to a low maintenance swimming pool!
  • Not keeping Total Alkalinity between 80-120 PPM. Low or high TA can affect water balance, the ease with which you can adjust pH and, ultimately, a sanitisers ability to perform.
  • Not cleaning the cells in salt water systems (chlorine generators). Corroded or calcified cells will produce little chlorine.
  • Backwashing sand filters too often. If you do this, the filter can never reach its cleaning potential. If you backwash on a regular basis for no reason, you are wasting water. Most filters require backwashing when the pressure gauge rises 8-10 PSI from clean, or when the flow from the return jets is noticeably weaker.
  • Not cleaning the skimmer basket and/or pool pump basket often enough. If these are full of debris you will get little flow resulting in poor circulation, potentially creating a big problem.
  • Adding liquid chlorine during the day. Try to add chemicals in the evening after the sun has set. You will get more out of them.
  • Not brushing the walls down often enough. If your circulation system is suspect, and many are, brushing down the walls will help eliminate algae problems. Keeping your tiles clean will save you money.
  • Not replacing broken or missing drains or suction sources. This is a real, dangerous, potentially fatal hazard. The same could be said for defective door/gate closers and fences in disrepair.
  • Keep checking and adjusting the pH of the water during March. Make notes of your results and your remedial actions in your Pool Logbook. (If you don't have a Pool Logbook you can pick one up at the shop for just €2.50.

Special Offers - March 2012

Pool Survey - €25.00!

  • We will:
  • visit your property (assuming it's within 50Kms of us)
  • survey your pool
  • give unbiased advice on how to rectify any problems encountered
  • give you a copy of our bestselling PoolSchool Book of Pool Maintenance and a Pool Logbook.

We can spot potentially expensive problems before they get to the point where spending money is the sole option - and thus reduce the costs of maintaining your pool.

All the above for just €25.00! Book early because we have zillions of clients!


Pool Heating

Still big discounts on pool heat-pumps

  • 9.5Kw single phase ultra-soft-start for campo properties


  •  12Kw single phase for pools up to 40 cubic metres
  •  16Kw single phase for pools up to 60 cubic metres
  •  23Kw 3-phase for pools up to 80 cubic metres 
  •  30Kw 3-phase for pools up to 100 cubic metres 

 All the above heat-pumps are air-to-water, low energy devices. e.g. Pay 1 Euro for electricity and get up to 6 Euros of heat in the pool - then keep it there with a Daisy Pool Blanket.


Pool Cover Offers

  • 10% discount on Daisy Pool Blankets - see
  • 10% discount on Winter Pool Covers
  • AstralPool 4.5 to 5.5 metre telescopic, wheeled pool-cover roller - List Price €788.00 - our price €399.00

Winter Pool Reform

We are extending our winter reform offer to the end of March!

We will:

  1. acid-wash and jet-wash the pool-surround and the entire pool (brings tiles back to life and removes limescale)
  2. re-grout the whole pool (or repaint a painted pool)
  3. remove the sand from the sand filter and replace it with Zeolite (see
  4. service the pump;

All from just €799 (up to 8 x 4 metre pool).

This work would cost in excess of €1500 during the busy time of the year so book now before it's too late!



Spa Chemicals

We have reduced the price of our remaining stocks of Spa Chemicals to below cost-price.

We have Anti-foam, Anti-Cal and Algaecide @ €3 per 500ml bottle and a few odd bottles of fragrances at €5.



HeatSaver Liquid Poolcover

Undetectable in use, this molecule-thin pool-cover saves 75% of the water lost to evaporation, and 75% of the HEAT too! We've reduced the price of the complete system to just €1450 including installation and sufficient HeatSaver liquid to last a couple of years in an average pool. Seeing is believing, so watch the video at

Pool covers

Hello  and welcome to my first blog.

I want to start today by mentioning that we are getting more and more enquiries about pool covers. We cant overstate how good our Daisy pools covers are at not only getting but keeping your pool warm during what we call the shoulder months. Our cover can help raise the temperature of your pool by 5-6 degrees centigrade which makes the difference between swimming and looking at your beautiful garden feature. As they have an 8 years warranty for the average pool size of 8m x 4m the cost  works out at 0.19 euros a day. Well worth it.

I would also like to say dont wait until the sun is scorching again to reform your pool. Now is the time to carry out essential maintenace work like re-grouting and changing your sand in the filter to Zeolite. Did you know its recommended to change the sand in your filter every 4 years. 

Lastly remember we are now taking on contracts to clean your pool all year round but if you want to do it yourself but are unsure we can teach you how. Call us and book your Poolschool now!

Bye for now.

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Important Information

We only give Quotations. A Quotation is a fixed price, and cannot be altered. We do not offer to give 'Estimates'; an 'Estimate' gives no guarantee of final price. PoolSchool and its predecessor Deep Blue Pools is proud to have never charged more than our quoted price for works undertaken and we never will.

We offer free advice on pools-related problems.

We supply all your pool equipment and consumables at list price - and we deliver.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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