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Hi my name is Andrew Williams, owner of Poolschool - formerly Deep Blue Pools.



We are looking forward to the next few months. We are opening our new store in Coin for the new year, it is a great location, right in the middle of Malaga and the coast. We will keep you updated with the opening date and other news. 


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Zeolite Pool Filter Media

zeoliteWhat is Zeolite-30?

This naturally occurring mineral was formed aeons ago when volcanic ash fell into saltwater lagoons.

Zeolite-30 has many advantages over normal sand-filter sand due to its structure and porosity.

With its open structure Zeolite-30 has a surface area over 1000 times greater than filter sand. Additionally, Zeolite-30 helps strip ammonia from the water by absorption, and removes metals by ionic attraction.

  • Filtration to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) standards or better, with the convenience of sand
  • Reduces chemical usage and enhances chlorine performance
  • Reduces pool odour, eye and skin irritation
  • Zeolite-30 offers savings in the cost of maintaining pool water in optimal condition
  • Keeps your pool sparkling clean - as clean as a DE filter (2-3 micron filtration)
  • Zeolite-30 lasts much longer than ordinary filter sand

  • Simple to install, and it works in all sand-filters
  • Filters need only half the weight of Zeolite-30 compared to sand i.e.- if your filter takes 100Kg of sand you need only 50Kg of zeolite-30

All the benefits for 49 Euros per sack of 20 kilos (collected from our premises - ask us for shipping costs).

Zeolite-30 is the most advanced filter new media to be introduced to the Swimming Pool industry in many years.

Zeolite-30 is not just another Filter Media, it is the ultimate Filter Media.

 Zeoclere image

Unlike sand ,an inert, non-chemically active media, which filters by physical entrapment only, Zeolite-30 works in many ways:

Zeolite-30 - The Ultimate Media

  • Filters by Physical Entrapment
  • Filters by Ionic Attraction.
  • Filters by Electrostatic Charge.
  • Removes Ammonia by Absorption (the main source of ammonia in pools is urine).
  • Has 1000+ times the filter area when compared to Sand.
  • Filters out particles as small as 2-3 microns
  • Reduces the need for pH correction chemicals.
  • May reduce the amount of chlorine used in some pools
  • Greatly reduces the need for backwashing.

LED Pool Lights

Watch the Colours Change!


We are proud to bring you these extraordinarily beautiful, state-of-the-art LED Pool Lights:

LED Pool Lights spice up your pool.

  • 16 different programmes of 7 fixed colours and 9 beautiful rainbow colour-changing effects
  • Super-bright LEDs for extra intensity


We have a choice of LED Lamps

  • Flat-mounted Lamp for simple surface mounting - switch operated or remote control.

  • PAR56 Bulbs for niche-mounted lights - switch operated or remote control

LED PAR56 Lamps

LED-s-1Our Replacement LED lamps are manufactured to the international standard 'PAR56'.

LED PAR56 lamps are exact, direct replacements for the traditional incandescent swimming pool lamps, which are housed in 'niches' in the pool walls.

LED Po3Just remove the old lamp and replace it with your new LED PAR56.

You can replace the PAR56 lamps shown above to most pools very quickly, without draining the pool.




Watch an excellent, informative video made by Power Pool Shop: How to change a PAR 56 Lamp




Flat-Mounted LED Pool-Lights

These are perfect for retro-fitting during a pool reform / makeover, or for replacing existing flat-mounted, halogen white lights.


Chlorine Generator

Chlorine generator - Sanitises the pool and Controls pH

Enjoy the smooth-as-silk sensation of swimming in a saltwater pool - and benefit from ultra-low levels of chlorine in your pool!


Chlorine, the commonest pool sanitation system performs its main task well, but does so at a price.

Chlorine is:

  • corrosive
  • caustic
  • poisonous.
  • effective because it destroys anything organic by a process similar to combustion.
  • dangerous to handle or even to breathe.

Anyone who has been in a chlorine-sanitised pool will be familiar with the chemical odour, burning eyes, and possibly the accompanying skin/hair dryness.

As an alternative to the unpleasant side effects of chlorine, many pool owners are now changing to saline (salt water) purification systems or installing them from the outset in a new pool.


Storing chlorine can also be problematic as chlorine can react with other pool chemicals, notably pool acid, resulting in a potential release of chlorine gas, a fire or even an explosion.

Overexposure to Chlorine in a pool can cause dry, itching skin, brittle hair and red eyes. (Largely, these symptoms are caused by 'chloramines' - a group of chlorine compounds that are created as a part of the chlorine combustion process and are a result of too-little chlorine in the pool.)

A excellent way to overcome these potentially uncomfortable experiences is to convert the pool to a salt-water system.

One of the best attributes of this type of pool is that they don't support algae so you'll spend less time dealing with that problem and the pH levels are controlled automatically, so you'll spend less time with that problem as well.

A Chlorine Generator produces gaseous chlorine by electrolysis of the salt water; there is no longer a need for pool-owners to handle potentially harmful chemicals. 

While still being very effective, the levels of residual chlorine in the water are ultra-low. There is still a trace of chlorine in a salt pool, but well maintained salt pool systems are much gentler than traditional chlorinated pools.

  • Salt water pools, on the whole, are easier to manage. The Saliclor Chlorine Generator takes all the guesswork out of pool sanitation and pH control - it's all automatic!
  • The digital control box automatically produces the current that breaks down the salt in the water, by electrolysis, as needed; producing billions of microscopic bubbles of chlorine gas. These bubbles can be seen in the transparent chlorine chamber, coming off the Titanium plates, and looking like 'smoke'.
  • The chlorine gas sanitises the volume of water in which it is produced, resulting in ultra-sanitised water being returned to your pool. By the time the newly-sanitised water has reached the pool 99% of the chlorine gas has re-combined (with the other compounds produced by electrolysis) and has reverted to salt.
  • The Saliclor control system also tests the water for salt level concentration and alerts you if more is required. It also takes over the job of testing pH levels and automatically adds acid to bring the pH to the correct level.
  • A salt-water pool has only the same concentration of salt as human tears, i.e. 0,55%; it's not 3.5-4% salt like the Med. - when the pool water gets in your eyes there is no stinging, redness or irritation.  The addition of salt to the water also imparts a 'silkiness' that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • As a bonus you can wave goodbye to dry skin, green hair, faded swimwear and the need to remove chlorine from the skin with a shower after a swim; because the pool has only tiny quantities of chlorine in the water.
  • The system will repay the cost of installation in around 2 years, and continue to provide inexpensive, healthy sanitation for your pool for many years to come. While the best pool options are initially a little more expensive to put in, they're a more cost-effective system in the end.

Converting your traditional pool to a salt water pool is not terribly expensive. Even with the extra expenses, you'll make up for that loss after about two years. For many, this is one of the advantages. Chlorine is very expensive, and by comparison, the amount of salt you'll use during a year is pennies.

As a pricing guide:

A combination system for a pool up to 80 cubic metres costs the pool-owner around €1850 fully installed.

DIY Katchakid

Katchakid Safety Net

The world-famous Katchakid Pool Safety Net is now available in Europe.

Trained Katchakid Technicians are located in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who can install Katchakid for you professionally.

katcha17If you do not have a distributor or agent in your area we are pleased to offer our simplified Do-It-Yourself version of the Katchakid.

Fitting a Katchakid can be time consuming and relatively detailed as pool safety nets are custom installed during the installation process. For free-form pools, larger pools and pools with walls, rockeries and waterfalls a professional installation is required, carried out by a trained Katchakid Technician.

Please Note:

The Katchakid Do-It-Yourself kit is only sold for regular shaped pools. The maximum length of a DIY Katchakid is 13 meters (40 feet). The DIY Katchakid requires knowledge of using a power drill and standard tools. Fitting a DIY Katchakid is a physical job and calls for some strength. The Katchakid Pool Safety net uses horizontal tension across the pool so any decking or coping where anchors are to be placed must be sturdy, solid and in good repair.

Alternatively, you could ask your local Pool Company to fit the DIY Katchakid for you.

The Concept of Installing a DIY Katchakid

Imagine your pool in a rectangular box; cover that box with a rectangular mesh net while keeping all mesh running lines as straight and square as possible while custom shaping the net to your pool.

Installing a DIY Katchakid

The installation will take approximately 4-6 hours so only begin the installation process when you have plenty of time. Having an assistant to help in the installation will save you a lot of time.

As you will be working with electricity you will also need to watch the weather reports to make sure you choose a day when rain is not forecast.

Installation process of a DIY Katchakid can be divided into the following categories: -

  • Planning
  • Anchor placement and Installation
  • Positioning and securing the Katchakid
  • Trimming the Katchakid
  • Binding the edges of the Katchakid
  • Finishing the edges of the Katchakid
  • Closing the Fasteners
  • Setting the Central Tensioning System
  • Mounting the EZ-Roller and tying on the Start Disk
  • Attaching the A.S.T.M. Labels

We recommend that you watch the Installation Video or DVD 2 or 3 times before beginning the installation, and read through the Installation Booklet to familiarise yourself with installation procedure.

Required Tools and Equipment

  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Heavy Duty Hammer Drill *
  • 20mm Concrete Drill Bit
  • Soldering Iron
  • Electrical Extension Cord with Ground Fault Interrupter
  • Clear PVC solvent glue (for assembling the Roller Assembly)
  • Tape-measure
  • Epoxy or Cement (May be required for certain pool decking
  • Water Pipe (If using a core drill)

* We recommend a heavy-duty hammer drill. For best possible results use a core drill with a diamond tipped drill bit. These drills can be rented on a daily basis from large hardware stores or Tool Hire depots. When using a core drill it is useful to use a wooden template to prevent the drill from sliding or skidding. A template can be produced from a 100mm  x 100mm piece of wood with a 20mm hole drilled through it. If using a core drill you will require a water pipe (hosepipe).

If you are unsure of any part of the installation process we are here to help. A Katchakid Technician can be reached during office hours; 9am-2pm or on 657081514 anytime.

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We offer free advice on pools-related problems.

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We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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