Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams


Hi my name is Andrew Williams, owner of Poolschool - formerly Deep Blue Pools.



We are looking forward to the next few months. We are opening our new store in Coin for the new year, it is a great location, right in the middle of Malaga and the coast. We will keep you updated with the opening date and other news. 


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Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

    Poolschool Now Cleans Pools!

    pool-cleaningUsing only the finest industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials, Poolschool maintains your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning service for your pool.

    We remove all debris from your pool , brush where necessary and maintain your filtration system.

    We routinely eliminate phosphate and metal build up.

    We add the best water clarifier on the market to aid in filtration and to make your water sparkle. We inspect all pool systems and components to ensure proper operation.

    Full Service (Weekly Pool Care)

    • Test water for correct chemical amount, add all chemicals as needed
    • Brush Tile Suround
    • Vacuum pool and / or spa
    • Check water level and make adjustments as required.
    • Backwash the filter
    • Empty the pump and skimmer basket
    • Inspect Equipment

    Chemical Service Only

    • Test Water for correct level of chemicals.
    • Add chemicals
    • Backwash filter
    • Check and correct water level as needed
    • Empty skimmer baskets

    Please Contact Us with your requirements.

    Katchakid pool safety cover

    Katchakid Pool Safety Net


    Click Here To See the Video!

    Katchakid logo


    Blair Essom, CEO of Katchakid, designed the first safety net after the tragic death of a close friend's son, who drowned at a family get-together in 1967.

    Blair said, '...everyone was there, but nobody noticed the child fall in........... his death was horrifyingly silent.'

    He was shocked to think that he had been enjoying himself while the child was gasping for life.

    He determined to find a way to ensure the safety of his own and friends swimming pools, so that other families wouldn't suffer this devastation. Thus, the first swimming pool safety net was created. Blair called it Katchakid.

    Over the past 40 years Katchakid has been re-evaluated, re-defined and modified to bring you today the very best in terms of child pool safety.

    The world-famous Katchakid Pool Safety Net is now available in Europe.


    Poolschool is proud to be 1st in Spain, and 1st in Europe, to bring you Katchakid - the ultimate pool safety net!

    Trained Katchakid Technicians are located in:

    Spain Portugal,Hungary, Austria,Germany, Switzerland who can install Katchakid for you professionally. If your pool is outside of these areas, a DIY Katchakid may be available. Please contact us for details.

    Katchakid Pool Safety Net

    Easy to Fit

    Only 5-8 minutes to close the pool and make it safe.

    Easy to Remove

    Only 3-5 minutes to open the pool.

    Total security for children and pets around the pool..........Total peace of mind for adults!!

    Katchakid Pool Safety Nets have been preventing drowning tragedies in commercial, public and private pools for over 33 years.

    More than 350,000 pool nets have been installed throughout the world without a single report of a drowning, (or even a near-drowning) - Katchakid Works!

    Katchakid's purpose is twofold:

    It acts as a deterrent. The pool is no longer an open magnet to children. They might investigate but lose interest fairly quickly ... It’s a learning process.

    They quickly learn that this means 'NO! the swimming pool is CLOSED.'

    It serves as a final, impenetrable barrier if the children do manage to get over the fence. If kids stumble and fall in, stretch out for a lost toy or even ride their bikes across it:

    • Katchakid will catch and save them!
    • Kids can’t get through Katchakid
    • Kids can’t get under it.
    • It's the ultimate in child drowning prevention

    Key Benefits:

    • Impossible for your child (or pet) to reach the water
    • Impossible for most children under 10 (and most household pets!) to remove, get through or get under the net
    • Affordable peace of mind for you - just open the back door and let the kids run. You can be sure that, whatever else the kids are doing, they are safe because - Katchakid prevents drowning!

    Katchakid is available in BLUE for pools - or in BLACK for ponds, lakes and water deposits

    katcha1 katcha3 gall13 small
    katcha5 katcha7 katcha9
    katcha11 katcha13 katcha15

    Click The Images For A Larger View


    Daisy Pool Covers

    I wanted to update a previous blog regarding the temperature of a clients pool with a Daisy cover on. I last reported it at 29 degrees. Today at 6pm it was 34 degrees which is warm for this time of year. No other form of heating being used just a 500 micron Daisy cover.

    Pool maintenance cleaning

    Now that the season is in full swing its time to think about taking our famous Poolschool. 

    • You will save money on pool-cleaning charges.
    • There will be no more algae, lime-scale, murky water, ear infections or stinging eyes.
    • There will be no more being let down by your pool-cleaner the week before a big pool-party.
    • You won't have to trust a stranger with the keys to your dream home.
    • There will be no more green hair! (But if it ever should happen, you'll know how to rectify it).
    • Your chemical bills will be much reduced, producing further savings
    • Your pool will be in perfect condition at all times - clean, shiny and sanitary - safe for the whole family.
    • The whole family can learn at the same time - even the gardener - at no extra cost.
    • Step-by-step cleaning instructions specific to your pool.
    • PoolSchool includes the 100-page PoolSchool Pool Maintenance Book.

    Thus you will save money and enjoy longer-life pool water, a clean sanitised pool with much healthier, lower chemical levels.

    If you really cant or simply don't want to clean your own pool why not let us come and clean it for you. We can undertake one off cleans,weekly cleans and even contract cleans,its up to you. Give us a call and speak to Angelo or Kay on 952 594 393

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    Important Information

    We only give Quotations. A Quotation is a fixed price, and cannot be altered. We do not offer to give 'Estimates'; an 'Estimate' gives no guarantee of final price. PoolSchool and its predecessor Deep Blue Pools is proud to have never charged more than our quoted price for works undertaken and we never will.

    We offer free advice on pools-related problems.

    We supply all your pool equipment and consumables at list price - and we deliver.

    We look forward to meeting you soon.

    We cover Alhaurin el Grande Alhaurin del la Torre Alozaina  Calahonda Cartama Churriana Coin Fuengirola Guaro Tolox Malaga Marbella Ojen Pizarra Torremolinos Yunquera

    Contact Poolschool


    Parque Empresarial Coín, Nave 46,

    Carretera Coín-Alhama el Grande Km 2, 

    29100, Malaga,


    Office  :: 0034 - 952 594 393

    Mobile :: 0034 - 657 081 514


    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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