Geobubble Pool Covers

Daisy Pool Cover 2

Floating Solar Covers

Floating Solar Covers are like heavy-duty, UV-stabilised, blue 'bubble-wrap'. Like all plastics they are affected by the sun's UV rays and eventually they will break down.


Their purpose is to place a barrier between the water and the air; thus reducing evaporation to almost nothing. (Evaporation of the pool water is the cause of 90%+ of all heat losses from the pool).

There are dozens of types and qualities of floating cover. We recommend that you install only the very best available as this represents the best value for money in the long term.

Our Pool Covers are carefully hand-welded in Murcia from 'Geobubble' stock; the best quality available in Europe.

Geobubble 500 micron Pool Covers

Daisy Pool Cover 2

The best floating pool-covers!


  • Geobubble-500 micron covers have a 5 year Pro-rata warranty.
    • They are welded together and do not need to be edged with vinyl tape.
    • They are so efficient that each cover comes with a solar-reflective sleeve, which protects the cover whilst it is stored on the roller.
    • (Without sleeve protection the cover could melt in the sun and fuse together!)
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      Geobubble technology eliminates weak points – and the super-toughened polyethylene material resists salt, sun and chemicals - this is a stronger swimming pool cover that will last longer.

    A roller is also required to remove and re-place the cover. The width for a floating pool-cover is limited to 6.6 metres as this is the maximum width spanned by a telescopic roller. Rollers are made from Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass and will last for many years. One end is fitted with wheels to enable the roller/cover to be moved away from the pool whilst the cover is removed.

    • We install AstralPools rollers.
    • The range of rollers includes free-standing, fixed, wall-mounted, fully mobile (with wheels) - whatever your pool there is a roller for you!
    • We even have a roller for above-ground pools.

    The process of making a pool cover:

    1. We visit the pool and take accurate measurements, prepare a Quotation and take a deposit of 50%.
    2. We then make a cover that is slightly larger than your pool and return it to your property.
    3. We float the cover on the water, take a sharp knife and a deep breath; and cut it exactly to size.
    4. We form the cover into the curves of the Roman End, leave cut-outs for ladder steps, etc., always complying with the Pool Industry Safety Guidelines.
    5. We then make the reflective Solar Sleeve - used when the cover is off the pool and is stored on the roller.
    6. We then teach you how to operate the cover, roller and reflective sleeve correctly to get the maximum life-span from your equipment.
    7. We can normally complete an installation in half a day within 7 days of receiving your deposit.

    Please note that it is NOT A SAFETY COVER



    Dear Poolschool,

    Just thought you might like to know how pleased we are with our Pool Cover, we brought it from you last August, and although you said it

    was much more efficient at keeping the heat in, than our old one was, we thought it might just be "sales talk".

    BUT YOU WERE RIGHT! We are amazed how much difference to the temprature it has made, we have hardly needed to use the pool heater at all this winter, and now of course we have to wind the cover back, so the water is not too hot! Its great, thanks a lot, and feel free to pass our name on as a recommendation,

    Kind regards, Pauline and John Jeffrey, Estepona. (Installed in August 2008)


    Each of our covers is custom made to the individual pool and therefore it's not possible to give a price per se. Please email us with the approximate dimensions of your pool and we will give an approximate price for the cover. We will gladly visit your pool for a free Quotation.

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    Important Information

    We only give Quotations. A Quotation is a fixed price, and cannot be altered. We do not offer to give 'Estimates'; an 'Estimate' gives no guarantee of final price. PoolSchool and its predecessor Deep Blue Pools is proud to have never charged more than our quoted price for works undertaken and we never will.

    We offer free advice on pools-related problems.

    We supply all your pool equipment and consumables at list price - and we deliver.

    We look forward to meeting you soon.

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